Penguin Eggs Q&A 2018

1. What was your musical vision going into No One Travels Alone, and how did that influence who you worked with on it? 

I’m always looking write songs that make others feel the pulse of the soul of the…


Arts Feature: The King Weekly Sentinel by Mark Pavilons

Singer-Songwriter Jon Brooks : An Interview

October 3, 2018  

By Mark Pavilons 

What most of us miss, Jon Brooks exposes. 

The accomplished singer-songwriter is more like a modern day standup philosopher, documenting the times. He’s a…


Roots Music Canada: No One Travels Alone Preview 


Jon Brooks – “Todos Caminamos Por Este Caminito” 

 Heather Kitching 

 May 4, 2018 

“No One Travels Alone is a contrite apology to my 138 super fans the world over for 2014’s murder ballads album…


Folk Roots Radio – Best Albums of 2015

1. Jon Brooks – The Smiling & Beautiful Countryside (2015, Borealis Records) 

jonbrooks200Jon Brook’s 2012 album ”Delicate Cages” focused on themes of love and fear; and freedom and imprisonment. For the follow up, “The Smiling and Beautiful Countryside”, Jon…


The Ottawa Citizen

Making the bodies count: Jon Brooks explores the dark traveller in new album

Singer-songwriter Jon Brooks set out to write a collection of Canadian murder ballads for his fifth and latest album, the Smiling and Beautiful Countryside, figuring he’d…


Jon Brooks at Oakville’s Moonshine Café - InsideHalton

Toronto indie artist Jon Brooks is bringing his new collection of original, rural Canadian “murder ballads” to The Moonsine Café Wednesday (March 4). 

Brooks’ music circles around the Highway of Tears, Christine Jessop murder, domestic violence, mass shootings in…


The Canadian murder ballads of singer-songwriter Jon Brooks

By Justin Skinner 

With past albums delving into such heady topics as poverty in the inner city and war stories, it may not seem surprising that downtown-based singer-songwriter Jon Brooks’ newest work contains more humour than his past endeavours. What…



 by Kerry Doole 

For those of us lamenting the decline of the protest song in contemporary folk, Toronto troubadour Jon Brooks is a refreshing tonic. He’s an acerbic commentator on social and political issues, as he shows with great eloquence…