Sooke Voice News – Concert Review – by Mary P. Brooke 

On Saturday night of Easter weekend about 25 people in Sooke ~ mostly members of the Sooke 

Folk Music Society ~ experienced an intimate concert with Canadian singer-songwriter Jon Brooks. An essayist and master of his ‘pet’…


Take an introspective music journey

SOUTH RIVER – Singer-songwriter Jon Brooks says he doesn’t write “happy music.” 

The decision is for good reason. 

“It’s sort of an illiterate request,” said Brooks. “My aim is to inspire. I’m not in the business of taking…


The Toronto Star - Jon Brooks is the fighting sort of folk

By Kenyon Wallace

Unlike most contemporary acoustic artists, Jon Brooks doesn’t mind being referred to as a folksinger. In fact, he embraces the label. 

“I do feel very much a part of the (folk) tradition, which is inherently…


Review: Fear is the Cage;Love is the Key

Jon Brooks has an incredible ability to tell intensely personal stories with huge lessons: parables, in other words. His latest CD, Delicate Cages, demonstrates this with full force and a bold but simple theory: life is a series of cages…


Folk Roots/Folk Branches

Delicate Cages, the fourth album in six years by Toronto-based singer-songwriter Jon Brooks, is an ambitious examination of some of the various “cages” of the human condition – some of them literal, some metaphorical, some of them based on real…

Exclaim! CD REVIEW

By Kerry Doole 

Those who like their folk sparse and laced with pointed social and political commentary should definitely check out this undervalued Toronto, ON singer-songwriter. Earlier albums, like his 2006 debut, No Mean City, and 2009’s Moth Nor…


London Free Press - Brooks shares his talent

Scores of London region students will learn Wednesday how to fire up their songwriting from one of Canada’s top folksingers. 

Award-winning folkie Jon Brooks works with students at a Thames Valley District board conference at UWO affiliate King’s University…


The Toronto Star - Where Have All The Protest Songs Gone?

By Greg Quill Entertainment Reporter 

Entertainment Columnist 

Sometime in the late 1960s, Pete Seeger — in his prime with just a banjo and a 12-string guitar — stepped up to a single microphone on the concert stage of…


The Chronicle Herald - Brooks’s tuneful stories resonate

Writer skilled at mixing emotional music with everyday, extraordinary tales 

By STEPHEN COOKE Entertainment Reporter 

Jon Brooks heads east this week for a series of Maritime dates. A conversation with authors and per­sonal mentors Barry Callaghan and Austin…