Sad Mondays

The Cameron House, 408 Queen Street West, Toronto

Yep, Sad Mondays are back at The Cameron House, friends. I will be joined by the very excellent, Alec Fraser, on bass and vocals; hopefully a few other guests now and then, too. Each Monday will highlight different albums so the set lists will promise to surprise - though I will offer fair warning to sensitive souls as to when and if the murder ballads decide to show. This return to Sad Mondays will go from Monday, January 8 through to February, 26, 2018. As always, The Cameron House is cash only; it's a 'pay what you can' deal; kids under a certain age are generally a bad idea; and yes, this is a candid, laid back type of gig without much in the way of schtick between the songs - that is to say, your participation is welcome and demanded and yes, we honour most requests and are even happier to see you dance. You are loved - even when you are sad on Mondays. Until then, endure the beautiful and mournful world and celebrate your joy and suffering, your happiness and your sadness with us in January and February 2018.