1. Felix Culpa
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You came to me late, Jameson's on our breathe,
Easy in laugh, easier in fishnets.
You came to me when I had nothing but debts -
You came to me when I believed in nothing but morning.

You brought Milton's Satan and I brought Berdyaev.
O, you mourned for dead values some Catholics still have.
And you came to me with your Felix Culpa -
You came when I needed so much more than just one more morning.

You said Milton said Satan could not come clean
'Cause all Fallen Angels, they can't be redeemed.
In this light, Satan had no choice but to scheme
His way out of Hell in to God's new earthly morning.

So we jumped Eden's Gates like two unchurched Priests;
We slithered and swore like ambiguous beasts.
Poor Eve had no choice but be banished out East:
The snake compelled her with language and lust that morning

You said, Evil was God's greatest gift to the Free
And Charity and Mercy - both corollary
Of tasting the Fruit of your Forbidden Tree -
Salty with sweat, salty in the morning.

Then I felt the earth groan for all Super 8 dives,
I let out a sigh for ten thousand sad wives.
Temptation and sin more naked than knives,
I hated you like, I hated you like Monday morning.

I thought of John Milton; of Chaos and Abyss,
I thought of my wife; the simple Truth I had missed,
My hands on your neck, I squeezed and I hissed,
Under bleeding moonlight and neon succumbing to morning.

I got in my car not knowing where to next,
Said a prayer for all readers in want of context.
I looked at my phone it was buzzing a text -
The time was 6 o'clock in the morning.