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Her mom left a prairie town call Teulon;
Lotsa Ukrainians there, not much of a view.
All her life she fit right in with self pity.
They say she even willed her own blindness, too.
And the light had expired like a failed revolt -
It wasn’t Rome burning - it quietly fell through.
One day she and her seeing eye dog, Ranger, just went back to Teulon,
Said she was ‘ready for the view.’

9 drunken dads out of 11
Raise well organized, argumentative women.
He spent the 70’s getting rich serving no greater good -
Yeah, they still pay you well to shut up, don’t they?
He drank Bud Lite and he came from a town called Dildo.
There is a town called ‘Dildo’ – it’s in Newfoundland.
He’d spend his weekends on the yacht with other laughless women
He'd say, 'there's 2 of them, for every laughless man.'

And no one, no one, no one has ever saved anyone
And trying to just makes it worse.
And no one will ever save anyone:
Law of the Universe.

We were younger than democracy, older than the corporate state
And we moved in the day Reagan died.
O, but pity and love – they can’t relate
But against the universal law I tried.
And her old man from Dildo didn’t really ‘drown drunk;’
He had some help after a last Bud Lite or two.
And her blind mom didn’t just ‘go back to Teulon.’
Even though she was ready for the view.
No, no one goes to Teulon for the view

And no one has ever saved anyone…