1. Hill 677

From the recording Ours and the Shepherds


For Private Wayne Mitchell and Private Curt Hayes from ‘B Company’ of The Princess Patricia’s Canadian Light Infantry

We came from the farms and the wheat fields
Yeah, we came from the smokestack towns.
Looking for adventure and to find out
What our older brothers couldn’t talk about.

Yeah: “whose fault is it?
Ours and the shepherds.
Whose fault is it?
Ours and the shepherds.”
Dorothy Day.

We dug into the clay west of the Kap’yong,
Holding Bren guns like they were our happy wives.
We waited for a darkness to turn human
And for that death calling Chinese bugle line.

We drive home drunk from the union halls,
yeah, we kiss our happy wives lying still.
We wait for a darkness to turn human
and we dream we never got over that hill.